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Trades/Field Services Supervisor
This is highly skilled technical (or journeyman level) and supervisory work in one of two areas: building construction, repair and maintenance or horticulture work in a park system. An employee in this class either manages a building trades or maintenance crew in a wide range of construction, maintenance, renovation, or repair of county buildings, structures, property, equipment and systems, or assists with the management of horticultural operations and crew in a park system. This classification has direct supervisory responsibility in addition to performing craft and technical work of lower classifications. Employees in this class are responsible for planning projects for one or more crews from conception to completion and working with other craft crews, specialty crews, architects, engineers, contractors, consultants, park supervisors, and customers. Work involves scheduling projects and organizing response teams according to priorities, using independent judgment regarding supplies, equipment, and cost factors for various projects. Primary responsibilities of the position include overall crew performance, results, and accountability to ensure the variety of missions assigned to the units are completed in an efficient and effective manner. Incumbent may be responsible for inventory, budgeting and working with heavy equipment. Incumbents are highly skilled with advanced proficiency in at least one craft or park maintenance and/or horticulture skill and possess the ability to fully supervise and evaluate the technical performance of subordinate positions. Routine decisions and problem solving are required and general supervision is received from an administrative supervisor.
• Prerequisite licenses and/or credentials identified for the recruitment, plus 5 years skilled trades experience that includes team leader, supervision or supervisory training; or 5 years experience in a park system that includes park operations and team leader, supervision or supervisory training; or
• Prerequisite licenses and/or credentials identified for the recruitment, plus completion of a 2 year vocational or technical skilled trades school program with a diploma or certification and 3 years experience as described above; or
• Prerequisite licenses and/or credentials identified for the recruitment, plus an Associate’s degree in horticulture, botany, or closely related field, park operations experience, pesticide application experience, nursery operations experience and 3 years experience as described above; or
• An equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experience.
• Florida Driver's License or Florida Commercial Driver’s License and endorsement, if any.
• Possession and maintenance of a valid Pinellas County journeyman level Certificate of Competency for one or more trade skills.
• Florida Certified Nursery Professional, International Society of Arboriculture Arborist Certification, and/or an Irrigation Certification.
• Depending on job tasks, candidates may be required to possess as a condition of employment any combination of the following job related qualifications:
• Florida Public Health Pest Control License
• Florida Public or Commercial Restricted Use Pesticide Applicators license with certification in one or more of the following categories:
- Aquatic Weed Control
- Right-of-Way Pest Control
- Ornamental and Turf Pest Control
- Natural Areas Weed Management
- Demonstration and Research
(SPECIAL NOTE: As a condition of employment, an Appointing Authority has the discretion to require the appointee to possess task related license(s) or qualifications directly related to the job as a prerequisite to appointment or may require appointee to acquire those qualifications or license(s) prior to the completion of the probation period or a period of time not to exceed 1 year as determined appropriate.)
• Assignment to work a variety of work schedules including compulsory work periods in special, emergency, and/or disaster situations.
• Other highly desirable knowledge, skills, abilities, and credentials relevant to a positions.
Building Construction, Repair & Maintenance
• Establishes crew schedules, tracks project inventories, and adjusts priorities on projects using meetings and information from users, other crew leaders, the Purchasing Department, and supervisor.
• Establishes major project time and cost estimates for the crew; attends pre-design meetings, reviews project specifications, and coordinates crew activities with crew leaders, supervisors and managers.
• Consults with users at the beginning of a project or task to establish the final layout of projects and establishes the best method of achieving satisfactory project results.
• Prepares crew time and cost estimates for projects, requisitions materials/equipment/supplies.
• Plans, assigns and reviews the work of subordinate personnel.
• Audits safety performance and compliance of the crew, taking appropriate actions to correct hazards or unsafe work practices.
• Establishes and maintains administrative and office procedures for the crew; assists in the preparation of annual section budgets.
• Performs regular skilled craft assignments using one or more craft skills.
• Performs related work as required or assigned
• Trains staff on the use of horticulture specialty equipment such as chippers, stumpers, bucket trucks, tree spades, etc.
• Performs extensive recordkeeping such as inventory, service records, budget expenditures, etc.
• Performs plant inspections at nursery and parks, identifies insect and disease problems, recommends methods of control.
• Performs related work as required or assigned.
• Knowledge of standard methods, practices, codes, materials, tools and equipment used in building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, metal work, welding and other trades.
• Knowledge of tools, power tools and materials used in skilled trade work.
• Knowledge of work related hazards and safety procedures.
• Knowledge of math to prepare cost estimates along with simple budgets, other financial plans and for calibration techniques.
• Knowledge of the methods, materials, tools and practices for building, electrical and mechanical work.
• Skill in using a variety of standard hand tools, machines and equipment used in building trades and facility repair work.
• Ability to plan, motivate, train and supervise employees.
• Ability to plan and execute facility maintenance or construction work plans.
• Ability to make proper field decisions and adjustments to preplanned work in order to complete projects within time and cost constraints.
• Ability to communicate orally and in written form to impart information, write reports, etc.
• Ability to endure long periods of standing, walking or working in inclement weather and possession of sufficient physical strength and agility to lift and move heavy objects.
• Ability to detect problems and repair machinery and equipment.
• Ability to work from oral or written instructions, broken parts or basic diagrams and sketches.
• Ability and strength to climb ladders and perform heavy manual labor for extended periods.
• Ability to troubleshoot defects in machinery and equipment operation, make proper repairs and adjustments, complete assignments.
• Ability to read and interpret blueprints and schematics, equipment diagrams, draw sketches of proposed projects plan assignments, order materials and understand and follow oral and written instructions.
• Ability to operate a personal computer and other automated systems to monitor work, enter and retrieve information.
• Ability to deal courteously and effectively with the general public and others.

Specific Horticulture Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Knowledge of and ability to operate specialty horticulture equipment.
• Knowledge of irrigation principles and practices including design, installation, repair and maintenance.
• Knowledge and ability to perform chemical application as needed.
• Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of horticulture, nursery operations, pesticide management and general park maintenance.
Skilled Craft Workers
Classified/Excluded (B)